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Sahar Arshad - Co-founder and COO of CloudMedx at the Digital Health Pannel at the WITI Summit
June 12, 2018

Sahar Arshad is participating in two panel discussions at the Women in Technology International Annual Summit in San Jose on June 12th, 2018.

One panel discussion is around the future of digital healthcare and the second one is around the future of AI.

In both these panels, Sahar talks about the role of AI within healthcare and how it has the potential to streamline workflows and improve patient outcomes and experiences. Here is a short description of both the panels.

Title: Channel 251 - The Doctor will See you now. Future of Digital Healthcare and TeleMedicine.

Session Description:

Sit down, put on a vest that has a set of different sensors to collect information, a USB port from the vest that connects to the Computer. Sign in to Private Internet Channel 251, turn on your video, transmit real time your readings as the Doctor on the other side of the zoom has your data being real time analyzed for issues.

How to bring health care to everyone - and utilize the infrastructure of real time learning, Digital healthcare and the Internet.

Title: Your children may never need a driver license. Every office worker could have a virtual assistant. Are you ready to welcome the AI revolution in your home and at work?

Session Description:

Join us to understand the technological advance that made Artificial Intelligence possible today. How can computers simulate human brains to learn and act?

How will AI impact our lives from driving to invest, cure or make us more efficient at work? While some tasks could be delegated to machines, others will require more involvement from humans.

What could women do to be engaged in this revolution? AI requires a broader diversity of skills than past technology revolutions with, in addition of computer science and maths, neuroscience, sociology, mechanical engineering, VC and more. Would the STEM stigma disappear and the gender discrimination be avoided from Day One?

Our panelists offers a broad variety of backgrounds brought together by AI and had leadership positions in the healthcare, manufacturing, finance, robotics, and IT industries.

AI is getting ready for showtime so don’t miss the opportunity to be part of it!