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The CloudMedx platform analyzes all structured and unstructured data to try to understand the patient holistically, and display not only what has already been determined, but also empirical (statistics based) perspectives on related conditions, drugs, tests and other factors. This provides a holistic perspective for both clinical and billing services.
Coding Analyzer
for faster coding & documentation analysis
The Coding Analyzer is an intelligence augmentation tool for coders and financial staff that provides the necessary alerts to manage bill processing, coding, and other financial related activities;  thereby dramatically speeding up the process.

The Coding Analyzer:  

 Mines both structured and unstructured data
 Uses NLP and machine learning to understand financial impacts and risks
 Targets information specific to each INDIVIDUAL patient, not populations
 Provides financial alerts and insights

Our customers have deployed the coding analyzer to improve the efficiency of their coding team.
The screenshot above shows how ICD codes are automatically generated from a doctor note using healthcare specific natural language processing.
Key Features
Automated Coding from Doctor Notes
Automated Risk Adjustment
Seamless Collaboration with Physicians
Documentation Analysis