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The CloudMedx platform combines the latest AI algorithms, machine learning, natural language processing and a clinical contextual ontology to provide real time insights at the point of care. All data - clinical and non clinical, structured and unstructured - is taken into account and lends guidance to the patient episode.
Clinical Analyzer
for optimal care delivery
The Clinical Analyzer analyzes every part of a patient's record to provide clinicians, nurses, and front line staff with real-time automated assistance to optimize care delivery and enhance the patient experience.  

For example, when a provider types a diagnosis such as “hypertension” or “HTN” in their EMR,  the CloudMedx Clinical Analyzer detects the data and immediately puts it to use by:

a. Recording the ICD-10 code for billing purposes
b. Updating evidence based risk calculators that use hypertension as a component
c. Returning a probability for the patient having other associated diseases (such as obesity and diabetes)  

This actionable insight, delivered at the point of care, enables front line staff to provide the most effective care plans for each individual patient. Clinicians save time by viewing all relevant patient information from past notes, intelligent point of care alerts  and best course of action - based on big data, machine learning and evidence based medicine, thereby enabling clinicians to do what they went into medicine to do – focus on their patients.
Key Features
Gaps in care
Real-time Collaboration
Real-time Risk Assessment
Automated Care Plans
Intelligent Clinical Alerts